Candidate Information

To become an announced candidate for political office:  
  • You must first file with the Supervisor of Elections office a Form DS-DE 9, which provides for an Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository. This must be filed before opening a campaign account and   no contributions are to be received and no expenditures made, or authorizing another to accept contributions or make expenditures on the candidate’s behalf.
  • Within 10 days after filing Form DS-DE 9, each candidate must file Statement of Candidate Form DS-DE 84 indicating you have received, read, and understand the requirements of Chapter 106, Florida Statutes.
  • File periodical campaign treasurer’s reports as outlined in chapter 106.07, Florida Statutes.
  • Meet specific legal requirements regarding campaign advertising and campaign financing.
  Qualifying Procedures:
  • If you choose to qualify by paying a qualifying fee, instead of by the petition method, a campaign check must be written for the total amount of the fee, made payable to Supervisor of Elections.
    • Qualifying fees for:                  
      • major party candidates will be 6% of the annual salary of the office sought.
      • nonpartisan office and candidates with no party affiliation will be 4% of the annual salary of the office sought.
      • minor party candidates will be 4% of the annual salary of the office sought , unless the minor party chooses to assess the party fee, in which case it will be 6%. 
  • Complete appropriate Financial Disclosure form.
  • Sign appropriate Loyalty Oath/Oath of Candidate form. 
All documents must be filed with the Qualifying Officer of the Supervisor of Elections office.Contact the Supervisor of Elections office at 386-362-2616, for an appointment or additional information.